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Halux N50-3 Exam Light - with Stand

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NEW! Derungs Halux N50-3 Exam Light

The great feature of the Halux N50-3 Exam Lights is the lighting colour and dimming in three steps. By colour mixing the different LEDs, an excellent innovation in the field of investigation is achieved. Depending on the examination the light colour (colour temperature in kelvin) can be changed.

The user thus has the possibility – depending on the skin, tissue or wound – to select optimal inspection light. The light control is a simple, clear control unit directly at the lamp head.

The luminance output can be selected individually by 5 dimming levels.

  • 50,000 Lux at 0.5 metres.
  • 3 Colour Light Levels 3300K, 3800K and 4400K.
  • 5 Dimming Levels from 100% down to 20%.
  • 180mm Ø beam width.
  • 950mm reach, spring-balanced arm system for precise light positioning.
  • Complete with Mobile Stand.

 ML509 Halux N50-3 Spec Sheet